Blog change and diary.

So I’ve decided to change this blog a tiny bit to include my day in addition to all the motivational pictures I post. If you as a follower don’t like this, then message me, and I will keep them to a minimum.

Today was not a great day. I woke up almost 6 hours too late (I usually get up at 6 in the morning), and I didn’t manage to have my morning jog as I normally would. I finally got out of the house at 17:00, and had a 30 min jog in the neighborhood, which felt amazing. This summer is the end of me, I can’t get into a good routine! 

I had a great breakfast with a glass of milk and two pieces of bread with mackerel in tomatoes. My brother is making dinner now, and I think we’re having onion soup. 

I think I might make a long post later today on why I want to lose weight, and why it’s so important for me to get healthy. I also have a few topics I’d like to discuss with the fitblr community, but I’ll come back to those another time.

Keep fighting.


We’ve hit 100 followers in three weeks! Yeah! Any suggestions on how to celebrate this? :) You guys are the best!


Being new to this healthy lifestyle, I’m really bad at nutrition. I have a hope that maybe one of my followers, or anyone else, who sees this is better educated than I am, and can explain it to me properly? I’ve tried reading about it, but there is so much different on the internet, and I don’t know where to start! I don’t know what to do!

newbodyforever, I’m allergic to milk, but thanks for the advice. I never use sugar in anything anymore either. :)